Networking pt. 2

Working as a public relations intern means you are communicating all day long. Whether it be interpersonal or through emails, I am always meeting new people while on the job. Since I want to have a career in public relations, being surrounded by established professionals is a great start. The coworkers I communicate the most with are a great set of connections. They are professionals I respect and whose career backgrounds are ones I can only dream of. The majority of the professionals I work under have careers at huge worldwide public relations firms. This can help me down the road because I could reach out to my management and see if they have any connections at these places when I begin my job search.


I also have been connecting with our clients on a daily basis. I sit on the client calls and email back and forth with our clients numerous times throughout the week. If I didn’t want to work at an agency, but rather a company in their marketing/PR department this could be a great avenue to take. It will be very beneficial to keep up with these relationships throughout the year and to stay connected with from then on.

Finally, I have been networking throughout my entire experience. Every day I go into work with the hopes of making a name for myself within the public relations community. By working hard and being a positive employee I hope that the connections I have made and developed might help me down the road. It is not easy to break into this career and knowing someone really helps. This internship has taught me so much about networking. I watch my management communicate and network with potential clients on a daily basis. I have been given the opportunity to observe and hope some of their skills rubbed off on me so I can apply them to my own life.


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