Career Goals

I have been so lucky to have been offered an internship in the public relations field, especially in the city of Chicago. While at school, I always had an interest in the field. But I was never sure if an agency was for me. I didn’t feel I really understood what an agency was so it was my goal to have an internship at one. When KemperLesnik a sports marketing and public relations agency offered me this position I accepted right away. I am so glad I chose to work here over the summer and have learned so much about myself and the agency lifestyle.


This internship has more than contributed to my long-term career goals. It has contributed by showing me that I enjoy the agency lifestyle and that working at an agency would be a great fit for me. I enjoy having a variety of clients and projects to constantly be working on. It is very exciting and no two days are the same. I like the idea of understanding many different industries and being able to deliver with their public relations. I also now have connections within an agency that can help me break back into the agency realm after college and when I am looking for a full-time job.

Not only have I practiced and fine-tuned my public relations skills but I have also enhanced my professional development. I think the most valuable skill I have learned is how to be a reliable employee. With the assignments I am trusted to complete aren’t hypothetical like they are in school they are projects are clients need. I have to be reliable, accurate and intelligent. I also learned how to become a better PR specialist by observing my manager and other full-timers. When I begin my first job I will be ahead of the curve when it comes to etiquette in the office.


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