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It is hard to believe that I am already at the conclusion of my internship. I never thought I would say ten weeks flew by but they really did. Between completing assignments and commuting to the city my internship feels like a whirlwind. I am so grateful for the experience I have had here at KemperLesnik and the knowledge I have gained firsthand through my internship. As I leave here I not only have something to add to my resume, but I have new experience and skills that have made me a better person and hopeful PR specialist. This summer has been so beneficial and I do not take this experience for granted.

I have gained skills in both my work and being an employee. I was really lucky at my internship because they gave me the opportunity to try everything and work with full-time employees to deliver quality work to the clients. I have been able to apply what I have done in class and more. The tasks I was given are those of a full-time employee. I pitched to reporters, wrote press releases, attended media events, constructed media lists, and even more. What I did in class gave me background knowledge so that when I was assigned tasks here I could do them or at least be able to figure them out. The skills I have learned include being able to communicate with professionals, participate in client calls, act appropriately in a work environment, etc. I also learned how to ask for help from my higher ups, which at times can be intimidating as well as saying when I am too busy to take on more work.

Overall, I will be able to take what I have learned here and incorporate it into my future. Having this internship has made me a much stronger employee and student. Seeing my college education be used doing something I love is something that is so rewarding.


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