Advice to Future Interns

Being a little more than half way through my internship I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what is expected from this company. I also feel like I can offer valuable advice to interns in the future. To be successful here you have to work hard, be passionate, and willing to learn. If you come into KemperLesnik with a strong work ethic and open mind the opportunities are endless. It is a very welcoming environment when you can learn, make mistakes, and grow. They want the best for their employees and celebrate their little victories with them.


I have some broad advice that may help future interns at any company they land an internship at. One of the smartest things I think I did was waking up at the time I would be waking up for work a week previous to starting. By doing this I prepared my body for those early wake-ups which typically don’t happen when you’re at school. Working 10-hour days are much more draining than attending a class or two a day with naps in between. I was able to keep up by doing this and I would definitely do it again.


Another piece of advice I would give is to talk. When working in a professional environment it is easy to get intimidated by professionals and not want to talk and stay to yourself. Even though this is more comfortable, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to build relationships and network with the employees around you. From personal experience, I have learned that they want to talk to you and help you. Talking seems like common sense, but it is harder than you’d think. I have had to go out of my own comfort zone to participate in conversations and it has definitely been beneficial for me in this internship.


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