A Day in the Life

A day in the life of an intern at KemperLesnik is different every day. Working on numerous clients means each day’s tasks revolve around these client’s needs. But there are common themes that happen each day. But to start my day I take the Metra from the suburbs and it brings me into the city for work. Once I arrive at the office I start my day by checking my work email and seeing if there is anything new or important that I should prioritize first. Then I typically continue to work on projects that have previously been assigned to make sure I hit those deadlines.


By afternoon, I attend meetings for our clients. These meetings include calling our clients and being on a conference call with the people on their team and those on our team who work on them. These calls are very productive. We share with the client what we’re currently doing for them and the placements we have gotten them and they share what they want us to change or what they like. By doing these calls we get to have a better understanding of what they like and what they are looking for. Following these calls, we then discuss as a team and assignments are given. By doing this we are all on the same page and can make sure we accomplish everything that needs to be done.


The typical day is filled with working independently, attending a meeting and communicating with fellow office members. The office offers plenty of spaces where you can work collaboratively or independently. Another fun feature is the couches and televisions if you want to be a little more comfortable and not work at a desk all day. The days vary which make this internship exciting. Somedays I work and attend meetings and other days I am at Olympia Fields Country Club attending golf championships. Each day is different making it an exciting internship to have.


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