On-Site Experience

At KemperLesnik, we communicate with our clients numerous times a week. We give them the opportunity to hear the work we are doing for them and they can offer their feedback. At this time they also say the things they want in the future and for us to start working on. All of the work we are doing is based on the needs of the client and what they need to make the relationship purposeful. Our agencies success depends on the success of our client. From only a couple weeks here I can see this being reflected in the work we are producing.

The clients are divided among various people who work together on teams to accomplish various tasks. I got placed on the team that is under the leadership of a “Group Account Supervisor.” She directly communicates with the client and makes sure her team is accomplishing the work. After having conversations with the client we usually discuss what needs to happen next. We then split the work depending on what people usually accomplish for the client. If you are the person who does their social media calendars and they want a change in regard to that the task is yours and so on. My work typically consists of refreshing/creating media lists, research, pitching, and assisting in any way to help get the work done.

After we divide and conquer, we are on our own to complete the work. There is an open door policy here so if you ever have a question about how to do something you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. After completing the task assigned to you it usually goes through a variety of checks to make sure it is quality enough to give to our client. After being reviewed and approved by the group account supervisor we have the okay to send it on.


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